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In the next few months one of the biggest projects of ESN – SocialErasmus - will be managed  by a newly elected coordinator. Vyara Tomova , an ESN Sofia University member, has recently been elected and has already got some ideas. Workshops, sport events and many other social activities will happen not just during the SocialErasmus week (4-11 may).

Today the new National SocialErasmus coordinator organizes a first meeting for the ESN members wanting to take part in the SocialErasmus team. We’re impatient about the great things that Erasmus, ESN and local people will do very soon. Congratulations, Vyara, and may ESN Bulgaria have many successful SocialErasmus activities!

SocialErasmus is a special ESN project inlolving international students in 3 types of volunteer activities together with ESN and local people. If you have any ideas or want to join the SocialErasmus team, feel free to contact Vyara.