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The sunny Sunday of 5 october was dedicated to our new Erasmus students and their knowledge of the bulgarian capital - Sofia, in a really funny way. Eight teams took part in the game by answering to questions about the bulgarian culture, history and life, talking to bulgarian strangers on the street and taking photos in front of famous bulgarian buildings. The game had 3 rounds, and at the end of each round the teams received an additional task. Suprisingly, at the final lap there were no Erasmuses lost. But even more suprising was the fact that each team completed the final task with lots of creativity. A poem including 5 words given (horror, rakia, melon, party, moon)  had to be created, and each team did it really fast and funny. After counting down the points collected by each team, the three teams-winners were awarded with a bottle of the bulgarian traditional alcohol rakia (first prize), a home-made chocolate cake by our lovely ESN-er Kalina (second prize) and a box of chocolate candies (third prize). We spent a really nice time with our new Erasmus stuents, and hope that they did so, too. :)


05/10/2014 - 00:00