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Hey guys, 

★ As long as you are so creative, funny and talented we were inspired to share with you this one of a kind event! ★

We're sure that all of you have some talents to show! That is why ESN is giving you the stage! Let’s organize together Erasmus eXchange Talent!!!

★When? 27th May

★Where? @lma @lter – the theater hall of Sofia University. It is in the Central building/ Rectorat 

★How much? The whole night is FREE!!!

----->At 19.30 there is going to be the play “Romeo and Juliette” by the student theater group. It will be a modern version of the play, different, innovative, more interactive and exciting than the original Shakespeare!
----->At 21:00, the Talent Show will start. If you are not coming for the play, come at 20:30 (when the play ends). 
----->After that, all of us will go to “Once Upon a Time Biblioteka” where you can show us your drinking and party talent!

There are no limits in what “talent” is! Whatever you can think of and whatever your talent is – now it is the time to show it! 

Use your imagination! Do it individually or in a team! Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself! And, of course, prepare well, the competition will be severe!

Don't forget to tell us about your participation, what are you going to do and maybe what kind of special equipment you will need. ♫ ♫ ♫


***Contact these people via Facebook or e-mail!
Antoaneta Georgieva( & Denitsa Petrova (

***Deadline for registration – 20 May (Tuesday)!!!


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