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We dedicated the last weekend of November to the south-western part of Bulgaria.  Two buses of Erasmus students and ESN members from all over Bulgaria discovered the cities of Blagoevgrad and Melnik, as well as Rila Monastery, Rozhen Monastery and Stob pyramids. We tried Melnik’s wine, Rila Monastery’s mekitsi (traditional Bulgarian breakfast) and Blagoevgrad’s night life. Of course, as the name of the trip shows it, the focus was Blagoevgrad. We took a walk in the city center and in the old quarter “Varosha”. We visited a traditional Bulgarian restaurant and we’re glad some of our foreign students tried and succeeded to play the typical Bulgarian dance called “horo”. We hope this trip got Erasmuses more involved with Bulgarian culture. 


28/11/2014 to 30/11/2014